Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holocaust truths: One of a woman's hellish survival and the other a diary of life in a concentration camp!

Never Forget, Never Again!

These are two true stories of the Holocaust.

The first is a diary of life in a concentration camp that was smuggled out and only recently translated to English. The author, David Koker, did not make it out alive.

The second is the story of the life of a survivor told by her son. He talks about her struggle to try and somehow forget and move on, yet never being able to.

"Life Inside the Camps" at Tablet

"Dutch Jew David Koker’s extraordinary diary, a clear-eyed and sensitive account of life inside a concentration camp, is finally available in English" Read the article here.

Expressway: An heir to Holocaust memories at New York Newsday

"Sam and Sarah Roth survived the Nazi death camps of World War II. They escaped the Communists after the war. Refugees from Czechoslovakia, they bore me in a displaced-persons camp in Germany in 1946. They made it to the United States in 1949, but they could not escape their memories and their ghosts..." Read the article here.

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