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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012: Because some forget and others deny (Cartoon, Video and the written word)!

Update: Lyon, France (April 19th 10:30 AM) "Harassment of Jews in Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony
Lyon (69001) - This morning at 9:30, at the commemoration for Yom Hashoah organized by the medical community in Lyon, a man came and asked about the event. The individual glorifies Mohamed Merah. Then he announced he wanted to kill children in a Jewish school. The man then threatened to return with a gun to kill (by mimicking) all the people therein." (Source)

Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 5772
Holocaust Remembrance Day: Decades later Jews need to understand, refocus and be vigilant to the still existing and ever expanding scourge of anti-Semitism around the world!

To do this is critical because some people have short memories, some deny the event, some live with the handicap of ignorance and still others simply possess evil in their hearts!

-1- "Holocaust Truths..."

The following response to the article "Holocaust Truths.." at The Political Commentator had the tone and content that provides insight into why it is imperative to reinforce the memories of history through Holocaust Remembrance Day.

By taking one look at the spike in anti-Semitic incidents around the world, particularly in Europe, we are reminded that the message of the phrase "if we forget history we may be doomed to repeat it" rings particularly true today! This is the TPC comment:

-2- Video: Wave of anti-Semitism in Europe

"This is a probing look at contemporary European antisemitism.  Among the experts interviewed are Professor Robert Wistrich, who points out that Jewish communities feel more anxious now than at any time since the Holocaust, Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld, who speaks of "the new antisemitism against the collective Jew, Israel" that has been stirred by leftists and Muslims, and Melanie Phillips, who cites the contribution the media has made, with its constant demonisation of Israel. The video includes disturbing images and facts." (Source)

-3- Israel hatred from an unexpected source: Egyptian Coptic Christians! (H/T Theo Spark)

Thanks to the "Arab Spring" and subsequent takeover of Egypt by Islamists led by the Muslim Brotherhood, few groups have been more persecuted and in more danger than the members of the Coptic Church. This fact does of course does preclude the Copts from being against one of their only friends in the region, Israel.

"...Bishop Raphael, a church official, told Egyptian media that the travel ban to Israel was not a personal decision limited to Pope Shenouda, but rather a resolution passed by the church’s Holy Synod. He said that Copts will not visit the Holy land “as long as it is named Israel.” (Source)

Always Remember, Never Forget!

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