Monday, April 16, 2012

A great month for Obama, so-so for the country!

How does Barack Obama spell success?
  • Is it by an economy that's improving due to something that he has done or not done? 
  • Is it by some measure of social harmony brought about by his calming and uplifting words? 
  • Is it by any measure of political harmony fostered through his leadership and willingness to reach out to the other side? 
  • Is it by some success on the foreign policy or national security fronts that were begun on his watch and implemented through his negotiating and diplomacy skills?
  • Is it by providing the total transparency he had promised into the inner working of his administration?
Of course not! Barack Obama measures success in his position as President of the United States by the sheer amount of fundraising dollars he can raise. And why wouldn't it be as he spends the majority of his time doing it?

Obama raises $53 million in March! 

"President Barack Obama raised a combined $53 million for his campaign, the Democratic Party and other campaign funds in March, his campaign said Monday as it prepared to face Mitt Romney and a rejuvenated GOP in the general election.

Obama has collected nearly $350 million since the start of the campaign last year, representing a boost in campaign cash compared with recent months. He has raised about $127 million for his campaign, the Democratic National Committee and other campaign funds since the beginning of 2012..." (Source)

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