Sunday, April 1, 2012

FOO Bill Ayers tries his best to bring down capitalism every day (Video)

An FOO is of course a friend of Obama but for me, the greater question is whether Ayers daily mission to bring down capitalism is also a mission of President Obama?

My personal conjecture, purely from simple observation of the President's actions and inactions, not from listening to his rhetoric, is that it very well may be.

I therefore challenge any member of the mainstream media (MSM) to dedicate themselves to finding out the answers about this President's past and current agenda rather than enabling him in keeping it concealed?

Somebody willing to take the risk of losing their job in order to actually do their job.

Someone willing to hold Barack Obama accountable in the most simple and basic ways that Presidents of the United States always have been.

As a small example someone, willing to find out the true relationship between President Obama and Bill Ayers of Weather Underground infamy!

Waking up every day and trying to bring down capitalism!


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