Friday, April 27, 2012

Driving off the road courtesy of Obama and his "Fantasy Hour" Radio Show!

Chevy Volt for dramatization purposes only!
George Costanza's advice for the President: “Barack, just remember: It’s not a lie if you believe it.”
I was driving to work the other day just listening to the radio when outrageous comments made by Obama campaign spokesmen nearly had me veering off of the road!

Imagine the sheer pomposity and arrogance of the Obama campaign that tries to portray a successful businessman, Mitt Romney, as the enemy of the people.

Then, Obama campaign leaders Axelrod and Messina tried to portray Barack Obama as the conscientious and tireless worker whose attention is squarely focused on improving life for all Americans at the 99% threshold and below.

This, when the reality is that this administration has done its level best to destroy the US economy for every citizen from top to bottom in the way that any equal opportunity socialist would do.

The topper, and the point where I ran into steering problems, was when Axelrod said that Mitt Romney has had the campaign arena all to himself, due to the fact that President Obama has been focused on his day job of running the country and hasn't had the time to campaign. That his campaign won't actually kick-off until early May!

This statement highlights the belief of Democrat Party leadership that the American people are mere lemmings who will take whatever is told to them as the gospel.

The basic truth is that there is NO President in history who has spent less time leading, more time recreating and certainly more time campaigning and fundraising than Barack Obama!

Obama fantasy courtesy of the Obama campaign!

"Welcome to the general election," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said at the start of a conference call with reporters Wednesday evening to announce the details of the rallies. "The Republicans have settled on their candidate -- or should I say, settled for their candidate," he added, referring to Mitt Romney, whose sweep of five contests earlier this week earned him the title of "presumptive nominee."
Messina described the president's campaign effort as "a ramp-up, not a zero-to-60 moment."
"Obviously the president has a busy day job, and we'll continue to layer in campaign events where we think it's appropriate," Messina said. "This is obviously the start of that process." (Source)

I can't believe that Messina and Axelrod actually believe the crap that they spout, but I truly believe that they believe that the American people will. Let's prove them wrong!

Obama campaign reality from the MSM!

Remember this article at TPC on November 29, 2011?

From an unlikely source, none other than ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper, came the following exchange along with a statement from a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy:
"…President Obama seems to travel to battleground states more so than any other president before him. Am I'm wondering if you could respond to this. It looks like the president is campaigning on the taxpayer dime more than any other president has done," Tapper said at today's White House briefing.

"I reject the premise of that," Carney responded. Carney said since Obama "expanded the political map" by winning some red states, so many more states are considered "purple" or swing-states now. Carney also said that there is "logistical" decision making when the White House plans to travel…” (Source)
“…Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 17 of his third year in office, Bill Clinton held 40 events over 24 days in the battlegrounds of his time, according to data compiled by Brendan Doherty, a U.S. Naval Academy assistant professor who is widely viewed among political scientists as an expert on presidential travel. Over that same stretch, George W. Bush held 49 events in 34 days, drawing complaints from Democrats.
Mr. Obama has surpassed his predecessors in both categories; as of Nov. 17, he attended 54 events in 11 battleground states over 42 days. "Obama has certainly ramped up the volume," said Mr. Doherty, author of a forthcoming book called "The Rise of the President's Permanent Campaign…"
The moral? Don't take everything the Obama campaign tells you as the gospel because most likely it isn't!

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