Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did you know that...

1) Political discourse is a lost art?

Of course you do, but just in case here is an ugly reminder!

     "More Civility from the Psychos on the Left" from Lonely Conservative

2) There is only one gauge that Barack Obama uses to measure success - $?

Of course nothing whatsoever to do with the well-being or security of the United States!

     "Obama fundraising shows hundred million dollar war chest" from CNN

3) There's new evidence of yet another Obama administration foreign policy failure?

Now that the Obama administration agreed to send military aid to Egypt, Egypt ended a natural gas deal so critical to Israel?

     "Egypt Takes First Step to Shred Peace Treaty With Israel" from Theo Spark

And yet close to 50% of the voters in the United States want to vote Obama in for a 2nd term? I believe that's the definition of insanity which would be to do the same thing over again and expect a different outcome!

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