Sunday, April 8, 2012

Despite Obama "warnings" North Korea's Unha-3 is in missile launch position! (Launch pad video)

Update April 10th 7:40AM: "A South Korean intelligence report says North Korea is preparing to test a nuclear weapon, as the isolated communist regime readies the launch of a long-range rocket as early as this week..." (Washington Times)

What President Obama doesn't seem to want to understand is that you cannot negotiate or speak in rationale terms to rogue governments and insane leaders!

The sad reality is that threats uttered by even a strong leader have little impact on nations such as North Korea and Iran.

Given that, what chance does President Obama have with his run of the mill and toothless rhetoric that does little to instill any fear of potential military reprisal by the United States?

Obama: "...Obama implored the North’s leaders “to have the courage to pursue peace,” but warned that unless they changed their ways, the country would face “more isolation.” But neither he nor other administration officials have said what steps the U.S. will take should North Korea launch the missile..." (Source)

North Korea sounding very much like Iran: "..."Our country has the right and also the obligation to develop satellites and launching vehicles," Jang Myong Jin, general manager of the launch facility, said during a tour, citing the U.N. space treaty. "No matter what others say, we are doing this for peaceful purposes..." (Source)

President Obama is unfortunately our country's equivalent of that parent we all know who makes threats and never follows through. After a while they, like Obama, have absolutely zero credibility.

In light of this imminent missile launch I decided to carefully search for national security and foreign policy successes by the Obama administration.

So far I have found only rhetoric, kicking of the can down the road, ceding of control to the United Nations and providing more time and opportunity for countries such as Iran and North Korea to advance their agendas. None of these are what I would term a success!

Video of the North Korea Unha-3 rocket ready to launch!

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