Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are these isolated crimes in Boulder, Colorado or a symptom of the Obama economy?

Boulder, Colorado is commonly included on lists of the best places to live in the United States!

And why wouldn't it be if you can handle the left-leaning, granola eating culture?

Boulder averages over 300 sunny days a year, has one of the top outdoor lifestyles in the country, a median age of 29, is a quick drive to some of the best skiing in the world and is about a 30 minute drive from Denver.

A great and safe place to raise a family or to send a kid to go to college. Why then do crimes like the ones described below occur? Certainly crime occurs everywhere, but are these endemic of trouble in paradise or is the crime problem simply societal in nature. And has it been magnified by the hardship and angst that has arisen out of 3+ years of the Obama administration?

Although the President will assume no responsibility for the state of the US economy (does "it's Bush's fault ring a bell), the reality is that he owns it as every other president has owned their own successes and failures.

If crimes like these can be tied in any way to economic desperation, doesn't the country need change in November? Or put another way, can the country survive four more years of Obama?

Boulder, Colorado crime wave or just business as usual?

From the University of Colorado at Boulder administration:

I don’t want to cause you undue alarm but I want to notify you of two armed robberies that have occurred on or close to campus in the last week.

· The first incident occurred on East Campus at 10:15 PM, on Tuesday, April 3, on the Skunk Creek Greenway just north of an underpass at 38th and Colorado. The victim, a CU freshman, notified police at 11:13 PM. The male victim reports that three men approached him as he was walking on a bike path and demanded he turn over his wallet and iPod. Two of the suspects are described as 6-feet tall and wearing plain black hoodies. One of them was armed with a silver revolver. The victim could not provide a description of the third suspect, but said he was carrying a knife and put it to his throat. The suspects left with the victim's wallet and iPod Classic. The victim was uninjured.

· The second incident occurred around 12:00 AM on Friday, April 6th. A male in his early twenties says he was robbed at gunpoint. The victim did not call police at the time of the alleged robbery…he contacted officers the next day. The victim told police he was walking alone along the bike path near 17th and Arapahoe when an unknown male stepped in front of him and demanded money. The victim says the suspect was holding a handgun. The victim complied and handed over his cash, and the suspect fled. The victim said that because it was dark, he was unable to provide many details about the suspect other than that he was a white male wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans.

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