Friday, April 20, 2012

"420" in The People's Republic of Boulder ain't what it used to be!

Boulder, Colorado used to be home to one of the biggest "420" pro-pot rallies in the country!

Today, however, in a surprising move from one of the most far-left universities within one of the most far-left city's in the country, the University of Colorado at Boulder has tried to make the campus off-limits to anyone who can't prove that they are part of the community.

Is it possible that Boulder is looking to move towards the right and join the rest of the country? Go figure!

"...One of the biggest pro-pot rallies is the annual smokeout on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. The rally has taken place for about a decade and, in recent years, attendance has grown, according to university spokesman Bronson Hilliard. Last year, more than 10,000 people showed up to light up on the campus' Norlin quad.
"People fly in from around the country to participate," Hilliard explained. "We don't understand why they have to come to (this) campus."
This year the university is attempting to put an end to the annual ritual. They will shut down the campus to everyone except faculty, staff and students. Violators could face trespassing charges.
Students at UC-Boulder protest a school crackdown on this year's marijuana rally.
To discourage students from lighting up, the university has decided to fertilize the grassy area of Norlin quad on Friday.
"We're trying to do things to make it not a fun place to be," said Hilliard. "We are using a fish-based fertilizer. It is a rather foul-smelling emulsifier..." (Source)

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