Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Would a 10-Kiloton nuke detonated on 16th and K Streets in Washington D.C. be as devastating as you think it would be?

A study conducted by the federal government concluded what one would have logically assumed to be true that of course it would!

So what's the moral to the story?

While the moral of a story will typically come at the end, I am providing it now in case anyone stops reading before they get there. And this is a moral that is too important not to share!

It is that the GWOT, despite what many in the Obama administration would like you to believe, is real and is being fought both internationally and domestically.

And additionally, that the NYPD has had the overwhelmingly correct response with its spying and surveillance operations.

The basic reality is that the United States is not simply engaged in an Overseas Contingency Operation but a domestic one as well! And if you don't believe that's the case just take a look at the New York City skyline!

The current occupants of leadership positions in Washington need to remember that the primary goal of the federal government is not providing seed money for campaign contributors, ramming through healthcare reform or taking over industry. It is protecting the American people so that another September 11 does not occur!

Therefore IF, and only if, the goal of government is to prevent the scenario modeled below from occurring, serious steps that may at times be considered politically incorrect will need to be implemented, the ACLU be damned!

This includes spying and surveillance that targets any group credibly deemed to be a threat to the United States regardless of race, religion or ethnicity!

The study modeling a nuclear detonation in Washington D.C.!

A study was conducted last year to model the fallout, both literally and in terms of immediate casualties, from the detonation of what by today's standards is a relatively small 10-kiloton nuclear bomb planted just blocks from the White House.

While 10-kilotons is small when compared to the government stockpile of nuclear weapons or even Hiroshima, this size weapon is right in the sweet-spot of what a terrorist organization might likely acquire and attempt to deploy.

What the study found!

As anyone could well imagine there would be an immediate and catastrophic toll of death and destruction followed by all of the other components that would accompany a nuclear blast including the radioactive fallout.

From the blast there would be three immediate zones of damage; Severe, moderate and light depending on the distance from the epicenter.

Severe Damage Zone (SDZ) - This would be up to 1/2 mile from the detonation site and would destroy most of the structures and kill most of the people. The radiation from the blast would likely prevent medical help from arriving for days.

Moderate Damage Zone (MDZ) - This would be a distance 1/2 mile to 1 mile from the blast with still significant damage although an increased chance of survival with medical help being able to get to the scene.

Light Damage Zone (LDZ) - From 1 mile to 3 miles from the blast there would be minor damage such as broken windows with survivable injuries even if medical help was delayed.

Fallout - The radioactive fallout from the detonation would have an immediate impact on people (nausea and vomiting) as far as 10 to 20 miles from the blast depending on the weather patterns prevailing at the time...

And always remember the moral to the story!


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