Thursday, March 22, 2012

While all politicians suck this unscientific study shows that on a percentage basis Republicans suck less!

The reasoning for the conclusion presented in the title is that no one is looking out for the little guy because the politicians are only looking out for themselves!

I will unofficially document below the self-serving, self-centered and me-first traits of all politicians below but, at least in the US Senate, the problem appears to be more endemic to the Democrat Party than the Republican Party.

Now I am not naive and have always known that the day a politician of either Party is sworn into office is officially the day that he or she begins positioning and campaigning for reelection.

That no matter how idealistic and sincere he or she was while running, the intoxicating effect of Washington power is enough to corrupt anyone's best intentions. Even the most well intentioned politician.

Let's say you want to get on the Committee of your choice, co-sponsor a specific bill or get some perk for your State? Or that you may want to stand alongside a leader of your Party when a political victory is announced or maybe even get an invitation to meet with a president at the White House.

Then the way that a politician would achieve these goals would be by getting along by going along! Be a maverick and stick to your guns, values and principles and you would be nothing but a temporary hero if that.

Given my observations from a distance, this clearly seems to be the Inside the Beltway recipe for doing your job. There is no secret sauce or special ingredient, just a plain old meatloaf!

Unfortunately though, knowing and understanding these facts about the process doesn't make it any easier to watch!

So what inspires me to bring out this point? Why this and why now?

It's simply watching and listening to these employees of ours in the Senate, House and of course the White House politically maneuver with an eye on only one thing, that being the upcoming November election.

They as much as acknowledge this fact publicly when they say that the people can expect little to no progress on anything that really matters through the election.

Basically the economy, jobs, deficits, Obamacare etc. have been set-up as political talking points and nothing more.

The chief violator of the public trust is of course President Obama who plainly has only one agenda as his fundraising and campaign schedule dwarfs any official one. That fact is painfully obvious every time that he opens his mouth.

He is followed closely by the Congress who is equally motivated but who lacks the unlimited access to the bully pulpit.

A broken political system!

Who among us has not asked themselves why the results of most Congressional votes are straight down party-lines. Do none of these lawmakers have the capacity for independent thought? The ability to buck the system and vote their conscience?

Few, but as this unscientific observation shows, of those that do the vast majority are Republican (Senate).

Senate votes to date for the 112th Congress

Vote over 90% along party-lines:
67 Senators (46 D, 19 R, 2 I)

Vote less than 90% and more than 80% along party-lines:
25 Senators (5 D, 20 R)

Vote less than 80% and more than 70% along party-lines:
7 Senators (7 R)

Vote less than 70% along party-lines:
1 Senator (1 R)

Breaking it down even further the highest party-line voting percentage for any Republican in the Senate is 93%, while 37 Democrat Senators vote along party-lines between 93% and 98% of the time.

It's what I call the lemming syndrome!

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