Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Which way does your news source lean: Left, right or sideways? (Interactive Chart)

Do your neighbors know the real news? Maybe, maybe not!

I was listening to a commentator on the radio a few weeks back talking about where people get their news and how much they really know about the source they use.

His point is extremely well taken.

The basic premise of the argument is that various news delivery services have specific political leanings, views, agendas and opinions on domestic and world stories, and that they infuse those into the reports they disseminate to their viewers and listeners.

On its face this fact is fine, as long as those listening are aware that this bias does in fact exist. This way the viewer can take the facts as delivered and then evaluate the report on its merits.

The problems arise when the listener is not aware that any bias actually exists and therefore accepts the news, as delivered, as gospel.

I fear that this is more the rule in the country than the exception. When a couple sits down to watch the evening news on either ABC, CBS or NBC, I am somewhat certain that the majority assume that what they are being told is an unbiased presentation of the facts.

Interactive state by state map showing the news source of choice in each!

Take a look at the interactive map at Forbes here, and then try to determine if these sources leans to the left, lean to the right or deliver the news straight down the middle. In three of the states the news source of choice is The Onion, a purveyor of news satire.

To view the interactive map click here.

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