Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Watcher's Council: Voter Id? We don't need no stinkin' Voter ID Edition!

The Watcher's Council: Over 30 articles from some of the top conservative bloggers around the world, all in one easy to read location!

If it's Wednesday it can mean only one thing! That it's time for the weekly article nominations at the Watcher's Council!

This week I dedicate the nominations to a Democrat Party which believes that while you need picture ID to order a bottle of beer at the corner bar, having to produce ID in order to participate in the voting process in the United States is somehow racist and discriminatory. Go figure.

The Watcher's Council

So now who and what is the Watcher's Council?

The Watcher's Council is a long-standing group of 15 conservative bloggers from around the world and winner of the 2011 Fabulous 50 Blog Award in the category of Best Conservative Blog-Ring.

Each week, first thing Wednesday morning, we the members of the Watcher's Council make known our two articles for public consumption; one of our own (Council) and one from somewhere around the blogosphere (Non-Council) that address issues we feel are particularly timely and important to present.

After a secret ballot among the members, Friday morning the winners in each category are announced and the grand prize, the appreciation of our peers, is awarded!

Watcher's Council home gamers are not only welcome but they are encouraged! Pick your favorite articles below and cast your vote in the comments section below.

For the week of March 19, 2012 the Watcher's Council nominations are...

Council Submissions

Joshuapundit-AG Holder And The DOJ Strike A Blow To Help Voter Fraud

The Political Commentator – President Obama manipulating the truth about oil!

The Noisy Room – Obama Preps for a ‘Non-Emergency’ Named Iran

The Glittering Eye -Come Fly With Me!

The Independent Sentinel – Obamacare Will Not Value Human Life – Proof Lies In A Killer Theory

Simply Jews – Iranian nukes, POTUS, expectations and common sense

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – The Xceptionals

The Colossus of Rhodey – Next violent act can be blamed on … The Boss

Rhymes With Right – Racist Sacks Of Crap Come Out Against Possibility Of White First Lady

The Right Planet – Retired Postal Worker Claims Bill Ayers’ Mother Knew Obama Was a ‘Foreign Student’

VA Right!-How Much Is the Obama Gas Price Increase Costing You?

The Mellow Jihadi – From Communism to Capitalism

Bookworm Room – The story of Malia Obama’s Mexican vacation reveals double standards and a noodle-spined media

Gay Patriot – Obama: Doubling Down on Debt

The Razor – Mixing Fashion with Politics and Atrocities

Honorable Mentions

The Grouch – Lennie, the Looney Facebook Liberal

Maggie’s Notebook – TSA to Exempt Muslim Women from TSA PatDowns? Adjustments and More Expected – For Muslims Only

Right Truth – Calling For Blood

Liberty’s Spirit – “As a Jew” Jews Part 2: Hypocrites and Self-Hatred

Non-Council Submissions

Hurriyet/Burak Bekdil – World War IV? submitted by Joshuapundit

World Net Daily -‘Ghost’ of ’08 to haunt Obama in 2012? submitted by The Political Commentator

Sultan Knish –The Tao of Warmongering submitted by The Noisy Room

Just One Minute – Monckton’s Schenectady Showdown submitted by The Glittering Eye

Townhall – Good News: Solar Firm Subsidized to Sell Panels… to Itself submitted by The The Independent Sentinel

The Sad Red Earth – Thinking Through the Iranian Dilemma submitted by Simply Jews

At War – Social Media Expands Military Blogging submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

Buckhorn Road – Look in my eyes; what do you see? The Cult of Personality submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey

Urban Grounds – The Mythical and Manufactured ‘War on Womyn’ submitted by Rhymes with Right

Accuracy In Media – World Government Lobby Frets Over Fate of Lugar submitted by The Right Planet

Da Tech Guy Blog – Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi not racists; Feudal lord and Lady submitted by VA Right!

Right Wing News –5 Reasons Socialism Is Inferior To Capitalism submitted by The Mellow Jihadi

Bristol’s Blog-Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call? submitted by Bookworm Room

Commentary Contentions -The Abu Ghraib Double Standard submitted by Gay Patriot

Via Meadia –Beyond Blue 8: Even The Dems Can’t Hack It Anymore submitted by The Razor

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