Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Watcher's Council Obama-Cameron Date Night Edition!

The Watcher's Council: Over 30 articles from some of the top conservative bloggers around the world, all in one easy to read place!

If it's Wednesday it can mean only one thing! That it's time for the weekly article nominations at the Watcher's Council!

In addition, this week I dedicate the nominations to an extremely expensive date night enjoyed by two world leaders as they jetted off in Air Force One to enjoy an NCAA Tournament play-in game in Dayton, Ohio.

So as President Obama spends what must have been well into the seven figures of our money for the this junket, please remember that he continue to feel the pain of those on Main Street who are suffering through extremely difficult economic times! It's just that sometimes the White House media room just doesn't cut it!

And finally remember also that Watcher's Council home gamers are not only welcome but they are encouraged! Pick your favorite articles below and cast your vote in the comments section below.

Now, who and what is the Watcher's Council?

The Watcher's Council is a long-standing group of 15 conservative bloggers from around the world and winner of the 2011 Fabulous 50 Blog Award in the category of Best Conservative Blog-Ring.

Each week, first thing Wednesday morning, we the members of the Watcher's Council make known our two articles for public consumption; one of our own (Council) and one from somewhere around the blogosphere (Non-Council) that address issues we feel are particularly timely and important to present.

After a secret ballot among the members, Friday morning the winners in each category are announced and the grand prize, the appreciation of our peers, is awarded!

For the week of March 12, 2012 the Watcher's Council nominations are...

Council Submissions

The Noisy Room – The American Spring Bears Poisonous Fruit

The Political Commentator – Eminent domain: Being a bondholder ain’t what it used to be!

Simply Jews – Maradona as a champion of Palestinian cause

The Independent Sentinel – Anti-First Amendment Liberals-Hanoi Jane, Steinem & Morgan-Want the FCC to Shut Down Rush’s Radio Station

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Fake Syrian Military Intell

The Colossus of Rhodey – Why Andrew Breitbart was important

Rhymes With Right – Enough Of Stupid Comments About “The Establishment” Trying To “Anoint” A Candidate

Joshuapundit-More ‘Diplomacy ‘ With Iran As Obama And The EU Team Up To Fend Off An Israeli Strike

Bookworm Room – The Breitbarters launch their first barrage in their war against the American Leftist media

Gay Patriot – How about a TV series treating Christians* with dignity?

The Mellow Jihadi – Me and a Pakistani Captain Chat

The Razor – Loving Sluts, Hating Liars

The Glittering Eye -Okay, You’ve Caught It. Now What Do You Do With It?

VA Right! - Thursday:First I Spoke With Senator Rand Paul – Then I Crashed George Allen’s Birthday Party

The Right Planet – Bloody Revolution Pt. 2

Honorable Mentions

The Grouch – Mitt Romney Flops Again – Reverses Stance on Minimum Wage

Liberty’s Spirit – Reality: Obama Wants a Nuclear Iran

Right Truth – Not Diagnosing and Treating PTSD and TBI

Capitalist Preservation – Liberals and the Suborned Media Employ Hegel’s Dialectic

Non-Council Submissions

Mark Steyn/IBD –The Fluke Charade: A Middle-Age Child’s Nutty Demand submitted by The Noisy Room

Stonegate Institute -Infiltrating Pakistan’s ISI submitted by The Political Commentator

Life In Israel – A personal message from the Iron Dome Soldiers submitted by Simply Jews

Michelle Malkin – Knock, knock. Who’s there? Big Labor at your door! submitted by The The Independent Sentinel

Institute for The Study Of War – Syria’s Armed Opposition submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

The First Street Journal – The excuses of the losers submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey

NewsBusters – So Much for Church-State Separation: White House Organizing ‘Prayer Vigils’ for Obama-Care, Says NYT submitted by Rhymes with Right

Information Dissemination – Pirates vs. Congress: How Pirates Are a Better Bargain submitted by Joshuapundit

Castra Praetoria –Debunking lies about the military submitted by Bookworm Room

The Conservative Commune -The 21st Century Energy Crisis submitted by Gay Patriot

6079 Smith, W -The Hero And The Flukesubmitted by The Mellow Jihadi

American Thinker –The Real War On Women submitted by The Razor

Just One Minute – Reaching Critical mass submitted by The Glittering Eye

American Spectator – Republican Party Overmatched By Soros Backed ‘Vote Fraud Denier Industry’ submitted by VA Right!

CNS News – NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws submitted by The Right Planet

Sarah Palin – Let’s Talk About The Real Issues, Mr. President submitted by The Watcher

Victor Davis Hanson – We Give Up submitted by The Watcher

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