Saturday, March 24, 2012

Voter ID and the Obama Middle East endgame! Setting the record straight!

Opinions expressed through sarcasm run the danger of being misconstrued!

While I didn't think that it was possible, apparently some may have misconstrued my feelings and opinions offered in two separate articles yesterday. In one I opined on the "controversy" surrounding the desire for requiring ID to vote and in the other what I feel is the true Obama agenda and endgame in the Middle East.

I felt that I had made very clear my opinions concerning these two subjects, but in the event that I did not I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight!

Requiring picture ID in order to be allowed to vote!

I am 100% FOR this idea! As I said in the article, "The moral of the tale is that if I need to show a picture ID for something as mundane as a purchase at a Dick's Sporting Goods, then I have no problem being required to show it to vote in any election from dog catcher on up to president of the United States..."

The true Obama endgame in the Middle East!

My opinion is that President Obama should have known that the ultimate result of the "Arab Spring" in Egypt would be an Islamic takeover of the government along with the resulting destruction of any tenuous and fragile relationship Egypt has had with Israel. That this would ratchet up the danger and unrest in the region not only for Israel but for all of the other countries as well.

Therefore, the Obama administration is either incompetent to the point of the Carter administration, or the President has some other, more sinsister, agenda there.

Consider this headline, "Obama silent while Saudi grand mufti demands destruction of all Christian churches".

Or the recent Obama decision for the U.S. to send $1.5 billion in military aid to an Egyptian government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood should also tell you all that you need to know!

From my article, "... The bottom-line as I see it is that we either have the most incompetent resident of the White House since Jimmy Carter, or an incompetent one with bad intentions relative to the future of the United States and our allies..."

To ensure that there is no further confusion, this President needs to be defeated in November because this country would be decimated by four additional years of an Obama administration!


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