Saturday, March 17, 2012

Update: New Taliban threats to NYC and the NYPD spying operation!

The federal government warned New York City Thursday about the potential for a revenge attack by the Taliban over the rogue US soldier shootings in Afghanistan!

In light of this I repeat and reiterate my position regarding the NYPD surveillance operation targeting Muslim mosques and schools.

I offer two article excerpts; The first from the NY Daily News describing the feds warning and the second an excerpt from The Political Commentator article of February 24, 2012 that asks what the ruckus over the NYPD operation was all about in the first place.

"Federal officials warn New York City that the Taliban may plan revenge attacks": New York Daily News

"The feds put the NYPD on high alert Thursday for revenge attacks spurred by a deranged American soldier’s massacre of 16 innocent Afghans in the heartland of the Taliban.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security sent out a bulletin warning cops in New York and elsewhere that the slaughter Sunday could trigger “acts of violence” on U.S. targets..." (NY Daily News)

"NYPD spying operation...What exactly is all the ruckus about?": The Political Commentator

"Is the United States fighting a global war on terror or not?

If the United States is fighting a GWOT (aka Overseas Contingency Operations for you Obama liberals out there), and we most definitely are, do covert monitoring operations reside so far outside of the realm of acceptability as an appropriate course of defensive action?

A better way to ask the question might be whether this NYPD surveillance of mosques and schools by one of the critical law enforcement entities tasked with protecting New York City, home to Ground Zero, is a wrong tactic?

The answer, while crystal clear to many, might differ depending on where it is you live geographically as well as on the political charts, conditions that are by no means mutually exclusive..." (TPC)

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