Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toulouse-style terror attack can happen anywhere!

If it happened there, it can happen anywhere!

In response to the horrendous and tragic attacks in France committed by a lone gunman, let me reiterate the point that there is nothing wrong with covert NYPD operations conducted for the purpose of preventing attacks before they occur!

That means operations targeting any person, group, religion or ethnicity deemed to present a clear and present danger to the people in the New York region.

In other words, if there is credible evidence that creates a need to surveil a specific group of Jews, Blacks, Catholics, Muslims or even Wall Street bankers, then it needs to be done.

Because if the terrorist attack carried out by Al-Qaeda trained Mohamed Merah in Toulouse, France that killed three innocent children and a Rabbi or the attack that killed three French paratroopers tells us anything, it's that it can happen anywhere.

It was not a sophisticated attack simply using a motorcycle and a automatic weapons.

Therefore the key to prevention is intelligence that allows law enforcement to be aware of who the bad players are and to keep watch on them.

To do any less is suicidal!


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