Friday, March 16, 2012

Taliban to President Obama: Go peddle your fish!

President Obama and his national security team suffer another diplomatic failure in their attempt to negotiate with terrorists!

It was bad enough that the President and his advisors allowed themselves to be pulled into a diplomatic charade with the Taliban, devout and proud terrorists hellbent on the destruction of all things western.

Compounding that you also have the President and his advisors continuing to double-down on a policy of sanctions and hoped for diplomacy with an Iranian regime also hellbent on the destruction of all things western in conjunction with developing nuclear weapons.

And now the Taliban, not the US, has decided that perhaps these "peace" negotiations might not be such a good idea after all and have called them off. The apparent reason is that President Obama was not quick enough transferring senior Taliban fighters from Guantanamo Bay. Does that failing rise to the level deserving of an Obama apology to the Taliban?

Finally we have the tail waggi g the dog with Afghan President Hamid Karzai telling NATO forces to return to their bases from rural towns and outposts.

Bottom line? It seems that while President Obama has solid rationale in the choices that he made in his NCAA Tournament brackets during the ESPN special Baracketology segment, when it comes to the national security of the United States his selections leave a little something to be desired!

None of the Taliban's actions were very hard to predict unless you reside in the White House or work in the Obama administration.


The Taliban peace talks were discussed here back on January 12 of this year in an article titled "US foreign policy and national security "Joke of the Year!"

In it I opined the following, all of which I continue to stand by 100%:

  • Has nothing been learned from the attempts made in the past to negotiate with terrorists?
  • What is it about being played as a patsy by a terrorist organization that the Obama administration does not understand?
  • What do they think will come out of this beyond the potential for the U.S. to make concessions and for the Taliban to make promises and assurances that they have no intention of keeping?
  • What is the endgame beyond having some additional talking points for the 2012 presidential campaign during which President Obama can trumpet his imaginary foreign policy acumen by pointing to these worthless negotiations?
  • Does the administration think that the few emissaries of the Taliban who will be around some table speak for a rank and file membership whose hatred of all things western and whose desire to destroy them is indoctrinated since birth?
  • Have they learned nothing from "negotiations" with Iran who just this week moved its uranium enrichment program deep inside a mountain at Fordo?
  • Finally are the politicians in Washington who get behind this stunt merely naive, ignorant or driven by the politics of the charade?

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