Friday, March 23, 2012

My personal story about showing ID! Man what a hassle?

Could I have been wrong about the virtue of requiring voter ID?

I wanted to briefly revisit the controversy surrounding the requiring of voters to show ID in order to be allowed to participate in the election process. I have been a strong supporter of the idea as expressed in one article with the fairly straightforward title of, "What's wrong with requiring voter ID?"

In it I had opined that if showing picture ID is required for much more mundane endeavors like buying liquor, cashing a check or picking up tickets to Sesame Street on Ice at the Madison Square Garden Will Call window, why not make sure the person casting a vote for say, president of the United States, is actually who they say that they are?

I felt at the time that stopping voter fraud is neither discriminatory or racist particularly when states will typically provide a picture ID without charge.

Also, despite the argument from voter ID naysayers that voter fraud isn't all that prevalent:

A) If voter ID were to stop even one fraudulent vote from being cast wouldn't that be worth it? and
B) I'm not sure that voter fraud is not prevalent (i.e. Chicago)!

I felt at the time that unless the dissenters have some ulterior motive for preventing implementation of a voter ID requirement, there is zero downside!

Two examples of ulterior motives I can think of would be to foment class warfare in a divide and conquer strategy or, in a more nefarious scenario, to actually enable voter fraud to occur.

A simple tale about the trials and tribulations having to show ID!

There I was at a Dick's Sporting Goods buying wraps for my hands so that I could get back to hitting my heavy bag with a stick-figure face of an anonymous liberal drawn on it.

I got to the cash register to make my $15 purchase and, following protocol slid the card through the reader and waited. It was then that the cashier asked me to see picture ID.

I told her that if I don't need to show it to vote then I sure as hell don't need to show it to buy $15 hand wraps! She said the hell I do and I can't buy them until I show my ID. So you know what? I did.

The moral of the tale is that if I need to show a picture ID for something as mundane as a purchase at a Dick's Sporting Goods, then I have no problem being required to show it to vote in any election from dogcatcher on up to president of the United States.

And neither should anybody else! And, if someone does have a problem with requiring ID to vote, I would have to assume that they have an ulterior motive!


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