Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Racist and discriminatory changes to SAT and ACT testing procedures!

If, as the progressives would like you to think, requiring picture ID in order to vote in elections is racist and discriminatory, then where is their public outcry on this?

I opened my local newspaper this morning to an article on sweeping changes to be implemented in order to prevent SAT and ACT fraud. This occurs when someone other than the actual registered test-taker tries to take the test (try saying that 10 times fast).

The obvious question, at least to me, is that if requiring photo ID in order to stop test-taking fraud seems to be just fine with the public (i.e. liberals), why is preventing voter fraud any less important and yet so much more controversial?

And if requiring ID to take a standardized test is not being vilified as racist and discriminatory, how then is requiring voter ID (note: neither one is!)?

The answer is that the move to stop voter ID serves a critical agenda of the left, particularly in an election year, while the sanctity of college entrance exams do not. Sounds suspiciously like hypocrisy to me!

Bottom-line: It appears that if you are a liberal, voter fraud is okay and standardized test fraud not so much.

From New York Newsday:

"Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice and executives from college entrance testing firms Tuesday unveiled sweeping nationwide reforms to enhance security following the SAT cheating scandal, including requiring students to upload a photo of themselves when they register for tests.

The new security measures, which were announced by Rice and officials from companies that administer the ACT and SAT, come in response to the cheating cases uncovered late last year when Sam Eshaghoff, 19, a graduate of Great Neck North High School, was arrested and charged with accepting as much as $3,600 to take the test for as many as 15 students..." (Source)

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