Friday, March 9, 2012

President Obama has at least one fan! Unfortunately it's the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei!

When your enemy praises your tactics, perhaps you are heading in the wrong direction!

As a rough analogy, very rough, it is something along the lines of Emperor Hirohito telling President Truman that he was dropping just the right type of bombs on Japan and to keep it up. The difference of course is that the US had the atomic bomb and Japan didn't.

But getting back to Iran, why wouldn't its supreme leader praise President Obama? Our "Commander-in-Chief" is basically giving Iran a free pass to move unfettered down the path towards nuclear weapons.

While Wednesday's satellite imagery that showed Iran cleaning up nuclear debris said to be used in the manufacture of a neutron trigger was disconcerting to most of us, for Barack Obama it wasn't even a speed-bump on his way to 2012 election fundraiser #1__!

In his mind it must somehow show Iran being ready, willing and able to respond to our sanctions followed by a sit-down at the diplomacy table.

There are absolutely no words that could in any way satisfactorily explain the President's stance on Iran unless we moved in the direction of diminished mental capacity or conspiracy theory.

From the mouth of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Recent statement:

“… Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chose to ignore a toughening in US rhetoric towards Iran in recent days, focusing instead on Mr Obama's insistence that there was still a "window of opportunity" to resolve the dispute with Tehran in a peaceful manner.

"We heard two days ago that the US president said that (they) are not thinking about war with Iran," the Iranian leader was quoted as saying. "These words are good words and an exit from delusion."

About one week ago:

An Israeli official pointed to comments made by the supreme leader just over a week ago, when he declared: "No obstacles can stop Iran's nuclear work."

In a venomous attack on Israel last month, he also stated: "The Zionist regime is a true cancer tumour on this region that should be cut off and it definitely will be cut off…"

Source: (UK Telegraph)

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