Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Obama cartoon retrospective: It's about being apologetic!

Since the day he entered the White House, President Obama has shown a distinct penchant to apologize for the actions and policies of the United States!

He has of course been much less demanding in expecting the same from any of our allies or enemies.

This style of leadership has accomplished nothing but to weaken the standing of the United States around the world and to put our military in even greater danger than they are already are in.

And, even if in his heart of hearts he believes that the United States was in some way wrong, his consistent and constant groveling for forgiveness is not, has not and will never be the desired foreign policy stance for the United States to be taking.

And neither is choosing to place elections over United States policy as President Obama was caught doing in the ear of Russian President Medvedev!

And now, without further ado, is the TPC cartoon retrospective of Obama administration dealings with the Arab world.

Presidential apology as an art-form!

H/T a variety of cartoonists

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