Thursday, March 15, 2012

Must watch Video: The road to voter fraud caught on hidden camera in the Vermont primary!

Video of members of Project Veritas easily gaining the access for committing voter fraud in the Vermont primary if they chose to do so!

The MSM and many Democrats would like people to believe that requiring voter ID to cast a ballot is somehow discriminatory and racist.

Just today I received this comment on an article I had written:

"There is almost zero voter fraud. The numbers are 50 cases over a 10 year period. That breaks down to one case per 10 states each year. Why is it that only the Republicans are suddenly concerned about possible voter fraud? Could it be that they are trying to keep blacks, Hispanics, and the working class out of the elections? I bet it is..."

But are those the actual facts or does the Left have some other agenda?

You can't get a drink in a bar unless you can prove your age and provide photo proof that you are who you say that you are! The same for getting a license to enter into a civil union as well as for the other activities in the graphic above.

But for one of the most important institutions in our society, voting, a person can simply walk in, state the name of someone living or dead, and in many polling places if the name appears on their list, cast a ballot.

Video: Simple path to voter fraud in the Vermont primary!

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