Monday, March 5, 2012

High gasoline prices can be a good thing (President Obama) or a bad thing (Candidate Obama)! (Video)

Or one President, one mouth, two sides!

High gas prices for then candidate Obama? Bad and oh how candidate Obama felt your pain!

High gas prices according to the MSM when Bush was in office and Obama was running? Bad and that Bush was a very bad man who had to go!

High gas prices for now President Obama?: Now President Obama apparently couldn't care less about either the high price of gas or the depth of your pain!

High gas prices according to the MSM with Obama in office and running for reelection? According to some in the MSM, one could almost consider high gas prices to be a good thing!

Now this is what you call hypocrisy at its finest (or worst)! The video isn't new but it is timeless!

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