Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey Barack: If Iran looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck... what exactly don't you get? (14 cartoons)

As if the discussion about Iran by the President on Super Tuesday wasn't infuriating enough, today the world is provided with new evidence of that country's secret nuclear work!

Just like the times when I was a young man and would write letters to the editor of a local newspaper after some story would set me off with an adrenalin rush, President Obama has done it to me yet again.

Yesterday the Commander-in-Chief continued to profess his belief that diplomacy and sanctions would stop Iran in its tracks and prevent them from continuing on in the quest to develop a nuclear weapon.

He went on to call the Republican candidates for his job war mongers due to the fact that they recognize the obvious truth about Iran that the President seems to just keep missing.

Then this morning the MSM lauded the President for his tough stance on his 2012 election rivals while mentioning nothing about the fact that his foreign policy stance was completely wrong.

I covered all of that in an article titled, "Obama naivete over Iran was on full display at his Super Tuesday press conference!" and found some personal relief from my effort.

Then, at about 3:00PM EST, comes a story from the AP that satellite images out of Iran indicates a clean-up effort taking place to try an eradicate nuclear traces from the ground. According to the diplomats who spoke based on the assurance of anonymity:

"...Two of the diplomats told The Associated Press that those traces could have come from what they said was the testing of a small neutron trigger used to set off a nuclear explosion. A third diplomat could not confirm that, but says any testing of a so-called neutron initiator at the site could only be in the context of trying to develop nuclear arms..."
Here comes that rush again!

Cartoons depicting President Obama and his dangerous Iranian stance!

Cartoon H/T Radio Patriot

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