Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Forget Super Tuesday, let's play some softball!

Not quite softball season you say? In Washington, D.C. it's always the season!

Softball season in Washington can be a 24/7/365 day-a-year game as long as there is a Democrat and a member of the mainstream media in the same room.

Then, if you put a gaggle of the MSM and a Democrat President of the United States in the same room you will have something even bigger than just a game. It will be something more along the lines of a softball jamboree.

This Super Tuesday Obama press conference promises to be an interminable affair during which the media that's chosen to ask a question will telegraph the pitch and then lay one down the middle for the President to hit out of the park.

Oh it's possible that there may be a substantive question or two that sneaks in, but suffice it to say the President will not be pressed by a follow-up question based on his original answer that will likely have been evasive and vague.

Remember, in the eyes of the MSM it is their job to help the President and most certainly not to harm him or his reelection chances in any way. For example who can picture a question like this:

BO: Yes, Bill from Cartoon Channel

Bill: Mr. President, how do you feel about the unemployment rate dropping to 8.2%? Are you satisfied with that number?

BO: Well Bill it's a good start, but now that the programs and policies my administration has implemented to rescue the country from the devastation caused by my predecessors, there is no time to rest and I hope that I have the chance in a second term to finish the job!

There are lots of folks hurting out there right now Bill and my administration won't rest until every American that wants a job, has a job.

Instead, what if President Obama was asked these questions developed at The Foundry?

Of course that would never happen, but what if?

  1. Your Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has now been on record three times stating it is not the policy of his department to help lower gas prices. Do you agree with Secretary Chu that this is not the job of the Energy Department?
  2. Your administration has touted the declining unemployment rate. Do you plan any policy proposals to deal with the steady – and ongoing – decline in labor force participation?
  3. According to The Heritage Foundation, there are over $2 trillion in tax hikes in your latest budget proposal, when you yourself stated that raising taxes is anathema to economic recovery. How will tax hikes spur job growth, or is that secondary to some other policy goal?
  4. Your Justice Department insisted the Senate was in recess over the holidays for the purposes of recess appointments. But the Senate passed the payroll tax cut extension during that period. Do you think Presidents should dictate when Congress is in session, were these appointments legitimate, and will you go around Congress on future travel weekends?
  5. What provision of the Constitution grants the federal government the authority to require religiously-affiliated groups to pay for contraception in violation of their own moral teachings?
  6. Does China’s decision to boost its defense budget by more than 11% give you any pause about repeatedly slashing our own military capabilities?
  7. Do you regret your administration’s hands-off approach to the Iranian Green Revolution given the country’s increasing belligerence and its continued pursuit of nuclear weapons?
  8. Your administration has no plan to reform unsustainable entitlement programs, according to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Why haven’t you proposed any real solutions?
  9. You continue to tout an “all of the above” approach to energy policy, but your budget proposal singles out the oil industry for punitive tax hikes, while preserving preferential tax treatment for wind energy, despite the fact that wind energy companies get roughly 100 times the amount in subsidies that oil companies do per kilowatt-hour. Do you believe the playing field should be leveled by eliminating all energy subsidies, or should government continue trying to pick winners and losers?
  10. Have you instructed Attorney General Holder to comply with the congressional subpoena related to the more than 60,000 documents that the Department of Justice has not turned over to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee?

It will never happen of course but hey, you never know!

Question source: The Foundry

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