Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The everyman President takes in an NCAA game in Dayton! Priceless!

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron take a little trip to Dayton for an NCAA Tournament game!

And Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel can barely get in the front door of the White House.

The story goes that President Obama won't rest until every American has a job! And by the way he constantly feels the pain of all the folks on Main Street!

Great rhetoric and yet the President has no problem taking Air Force One out for a spin to watch an NCAA Tournament game in Dayton.

The cost of Air Force One alone for an estimated two hours of flight time there and back is about $363,000.

Then add in the cost to the taxpayers for forward planning, shipping of personnel and vehicles, local police and the cost to the local economy having highways shut down.

I can't estimate those things but let's just say that the cost of a night of recreation for the President and his buddy from Britain must be somewhere in the seven figures.

Struggling economy along with high unemployment and this is how the chief executive of the United States leads by example? The silence from any criticism by the MSM is deafening!

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