Thursday, March 15, 2012

C'mon ESPN! Baracketology? (Video)

Making it through an Obama speech is typically no problem for me because I just change the channel or play along with my Barack's Bullshit Bingo game!

If an Obama speech comes on the radio I simply change the dial to a music station.

If I'm watching a TV channel that begins airing an Obama press conference I will quickly switch to a sports channel.

But what do I do when I'm in the gym and the President comes on ESPN to tell the world his brackets in a segment called, what else, Baracketology.

In the first place, does ESPN really think that people care who the President is picking in his NCAA Tournament bracket? C'mon ESPN!

And secondly to you Mr. President, all megalomania aside.

After jetting to Dayton on Air Force One Tuesday night on my dime to watch a play-in game with your new BFF, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, isn't it just a little much to do a Baracketology segment for ESPN?

The country knows you love your basketball although watching you explain your picks I had to wonder if you were working off of cue cards. But how about at least the pretense of being presidential and tending to the business at hand.

The millions of Americans who are out of work or who have a job and can't afford to fill-up their gas tanks appreciate that you are enjoying your day and having a good time, but they and many others are not.

At the very least try to appear sympathetic to the plight of your loyal subjects!

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