Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston dying is sad; the 24/7 news cycle even sadder!

For an insomniac, this is what passes as news on FOX and CNN?

Unable to sleep after my long trip home from CPAC, I turned on the T.V. and found non-stop coverage of Whitney Houston's death.

She was a superstar with an unbelievable voice, a troubled personal life and while there is no question or doubt that Whitney Houston dying at age 48 is very sad and a tragedy, is it an event that warrants the non-stop coverage it's receiving?

It presents the ideal story line of course including the death by unknown causes of a famous and troubled celebrity on the eve of the Grammy Awards that she was in town to attend.

But as trivial or blasphemous as this writing may seem to some, is it any more so than a news channel dwelling on the death of a singer with a history of drug and alcohol abuse as if it were equal to, or greater than, any number of more earth shattering stories like the slaughter of innocent victims in Syria or some other current global tragedy that earn 30-second snippets.

Said an anchor regarding this story, "When we lay our heads on our pillows it will be painful to reflect" and "While the family needs answers the public does as well."

Am I missing something here?

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