Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday global links of interest including Iran, NYC terror alert, SI swimsuit video, investing with the Jeremy Lin-dex and much more!

Links to a variety of subjects I think that you may be interested in!

Of course that includes a video from the making of the SI Swimsuit Issue and how to invest using the Jeremy Lin-dex.
  • Iran installs uranium fuel rods and unveils new and even better centrifuges at Natanz to enrich that uranium. So how are those sanctions going? Read the story here.
  • Is violent revolution coming to Greece, merely a default or maybe both? Read the story here.
  • Investing using the Jeremy Lin-dex. Read about the technique that takes into account the money machine he has become here.
  • New York City presents an attractive terror target for Iran? Tell us something we New Yorkers didn't already know! Read the story here.
  • If you don't like Rush odds are you have never listened to him! Listen to Rush on the media here.
  • Obama's US foreign policy? If that's what you want to call it! Read about this"nonsensical" Obama foreign policy strategy here and here.
  • Close to 2 million dead people are prepared to vote early and often. Read about it here.
  • Video from the SI Swimsuit Issue shoot. Watch it here.

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