Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIF: The TPC political cocktail of the week "celebrates" the Republican Party primary fight!

The TPC TGIF political cocktail of the week segment has celebrated such notable past and present Washingtonians as...

Marion Barry with his signature cocktail The Dirty Hooker;
Barney Frank and Super Fruity Sangria; and
Ted Kennedy's The Chappaquiddick.

Unfortunately this week, given the extremely negative dialogue and overwhelming antipathy that has been displayed between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, the TPC TGIF cocktail is one not fit for human consumption and that should never be "poured" under any circumstances!

It is a cocktail that describes the potential damage that these two candidates are doing to the prospects of the Republican Party in November when a somewhat flawed survivor faces what should still be an extremely vulnerable incumbent in the person of Barack Obama.

The chosen cocktail provides a metaphorical description of the possible end result that could come from what has deteriorated into a me-first process of politics.

A process that will hopefully not have an impact akin to "eating the Republican Party's young."

Therefore, and although it pains me to do this particularly ahead of what should be a uniting experience for the party at CPAC (#CPAC) next week, the TPC TGIF cocktail this week in honor of the Republican Party is the ...

Molotov Cocktail

Ingredients will not be provided!

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