Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Review: "Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste" by Bart DePalma

Did the thought ever cross your mind that President Obama is not what he purports to be, a capitalist, and that he is actually ideologically a socialist?

If you have had this thought you are certainly not alone!

If you haven't then you most likely arrived at The Political Commentator due to some serious url malfunction in your computer but keep reading nonetheless!

I was asked by Bart DePalma to review his work on this subject of President Obama and his economic philosophy, and as you can imagine the documented evidence that he provides tells a story that every American should be aware of and understand fully!

Particularly as we head into the 2012 presidential election!

The book, "Never Allow A Crisis To Go To Waste" systematically lays out for the reader the history of socialism and how the present day rendition, operating under the umbrella of the Progressive Movement, hides behind aliases such as social justice, fairness and the particularly insidious and divisive 99% versus the 1%.

And today the titular leader of this movement is Barack Obama.

In one section of the book that discusses TARP DePalma explains how in the Obama administration takeover of GM and Chrysler the President had employed classic socialist tactics.

He discusses in detail another concept by the name asymmetric socialism in which government nationalization of industry is replaced by other government tools that includes taxing, spending and the redistribution of wealth.

The bottom line is that for anyone who wants to, and more importantly needs to, understand what and why this administration is seeking to do and why a one-term Obama is a national necessity, I would highly recommend that you read this book.

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