Saturday, February 4, 2012

President Obama wants things to be “Like in ’08. We were the sh-t back in 08″ (Video)

The inside story of President Obama's "spontaneous" Al Green moment at the Apollo Theater on January 19th.

For President Obama, spending days practicing to sing one line of an Al Green song at a campaign event in New York so that it would appear spontaneous, is what passes for doing the peoples business in this White House.

Remember this?

Of course you do and that was the plan when this "spontaneous" moment was mapped out on the drawing board at Obama campaign headquarters!

Because the sad reality is that spending all day every day on fundraising and campaigning for the 2012 election is what President Obama's job description actually seems to be.

The question then becomes whether the country is better off having him focus solely on getting a 2nd term in the White House or on Democrat policy matters that would more likely than not have a long-term negative effect on the country?

The inside story of a President who just wants to be "cool" again!

"... Regarding that little singing bit the president did recently. The Al Green thing. If you haven’t seen the clips of that then look it up. Easy to find. It’s been spread wide and far. And that was the plan. That moment was rehearsed to death. As in over and over and over again. Apparently the president has been complaining for some time that he’s no longer cool. He was actually in on a meeting with some of the Plouffe gang and told them more than once he wanted to be cool again. “Like in ’08. We were the sh-t back in 08. Those are the president’s words. He is obsessed with getting back to being cool like in ’08. It’s become something of a theme apparently in-house among the younger staff. They have started to greet one another with “Are we cool again?” as a joke.

So anyway, back to that singing thing the president did. Told he practiced that little line for days. Seems likely that Obama spent more time on trying to sound good on that bit than he has on dealing with anything else facing the country. They brought in a voice coach. He was playing the song over and over again. It was a complete focus. Pretty damn sad..."

Read the entire article at The Ulsterman Report here, and use this episode as one more piece of anecdotal evidence for why Barack Obama needs to follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter and be a one-term President.

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