Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take-two as President Obama "spontaneously" croons for an adoring White House crowd! (Video)

And like the last "spontaneous" performance at the Apollo Theater, just how much of our time did the President take rehearsing for this "Kodak moment"?

The surprise and spontaneous rendition of "Sweet Home Chicago" by Barack Obama at the White House Tuesday night was most likely neither a surprise or spontaneous, much like his rendition of a line from an Al Green song at an Apollo Theater fundraiser on January 19th!

In other words this President is rehearsed and scripted and leaves nothing to chance. This moment in the East Room of the White House was no doubt on the drawing board for many days if not weeks before it occurred.

So what's the big deal? Don't I have anything better to do than to worry about a singing President? And if it was rehearsed would that make Barack Obama a bad guy?

Absolutely not although he would still be a bad President, and one would hope that he had better things to do with his time than singing practice given the tumultuous and dangerous world that we live in.

The Apollo Theater gig!

With a trip down memory lane, here's a description and video of the prior public display of singing prowess provided by TPC:

"... Regarding that little singing bit the president did recently. The Al Green thing. If you haven’t seen the clips of that then look it up. Easy to find. It’s been spread wide and far. And that was the plan. That moment was rehearsed to death. As in over and over and over again. Apparently the president has been complaining for some time that he’s no longer cool. He was actually in on a meeting with some of the Plouffe gang and told them more than once he wanted to be cool again. “Like in ’08. We were the sh-t back in 08. Those are the president’s words. He is obsessed with getting back to being cool like in ’08. It’s become something of a theme apparently in-house among the younger staff. They have started to greet one another with “Are we cool again?” as a joke.

So anyway, back to that singing thing the president did. Told he practiced that little line for days. Seems likely that Obama spent more time on trying to sound good on that bit than he has on dealing with anything else facing the country. They brought in a voice coach. He was playing the song over and over again. It was a complete focus. Pretty damn sad..."

Bottom line? Aren't there one or two crises occurring around the world that might preclude these festivities and incessant fundraising and campaigning from taking place? Nah!

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