Thursday, February 2, 2012

Which team will win Super Bowl XLVI? A politically incorrect look at handicapping the game!

Analyzing the New York Giants - New England Patriots game has been done in virtually every possible way by nearly every available pundit! Are there any unique ways left?

Handicapping a Super Bowl or a horse race!

As a young man I was a somewhat frequent visitor to the horse track.

As a frequent visitor, I would spend a great deal of time pouring over the Racing Form trying to pick the eventual race winners.

If I happened to be there with a young lady, often she would make a selection by the sound of a horses name, the colors of the silks the horse was wearing or just by the way that a horse looked.

Unfortunately I will tell you that this way of picking tended to work as well as my method did.

So in the 2012 Super Bowl is there an equivalent way to pick a team by the way a team looks?

Not really, but how about if we used some even shallower metric like the way that the New York Giants and the New England Patriots cheerleaders look.

Because the New York Giants have no official cheerleaders, we have used a randomly selected proxy group from a sport as tough as football, rugby, and from a country not the United States, South Africa, in order to maintain some level of impartiality.

You make the call!

The New England Patriot cheerleaders!

The proxy New York Giants cheerleaders from South African rugby!

It is no contest!

In a walkover, the projected winner of Super Bowl 2012 based on the unscientific analysis of a cheerleader competition;

The New York Giants!

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