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Obama: Are Jews finally catching on?

For some time TPC and others have been asking why voters of the Jewish faith have historically had a blind attachment to the Democrat Party!

In the context of this article, when I say historically I am using the period of time since Barack Obama ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination until today.

Looking back at 2008 the fact that college students, engaged in the presidential election process for the first time, and black voters had flocked to Obama did not really come as a surprise to anyone. Obama ran a well oiled campaign spouting visions of "hope" and "change" that lit a fire under some who were drawn into the process in large numbers.

That Jewish vote remained unquestioningly loyal and devoted, given what was already known of then Senator Obama's somewhat sketchy associations, did comes as a surprise but certainly not a shock.

Think back to the words uttered by George Costanza on Seinfeld when he said "My father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter... I was raised to give up!"

Jews were raised from the womb as Democrats! "My father was a Democrat, my grandfather was a Democrat ... I was raised to be a Democrat

For whatever reason, maybe it's the perception that the Democrat Party is the party of the underdog, the persecuted and the downtrodden or maybe it's for the reason that George Costanza gave, Jews have always gravitated to the left.

And shifting this deeply embedded ideology for any reason is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. Regardless of the anecdotal or real evidence that would suggest that a move away was in order, even if for only one election.

Looking back to 2008, as anecdotal evidence of the Jew-unfriendly background of then candidate Obama was his clear and disturbing ties to a mentor and "spiritual" leader, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who put forth not only anti-American thoughts but anti-Jewish as well.

Looking ahead at the 2012 presidential elections will past Obama affiliations or his current stance on Israel matter to American Jewish voters?

Up to this point I would say apparently not as these past articles that have appeared at TPC indicate:

Obama:"The American Jews are mine!" (Gallup)

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As we move towards the 2012 election however, a glimmer of new "hope" may be rising that some sense of reality may be creeping into the consciousness of some members of the Jewish faith and that perhaps there is potential for at least a modicum of political flexibility.

If true it's a case of better late than never!

Obama, Jews and Israel!

For those still not convinced of the need for change in 2012, Jews need to recognize what now President Obama has done in the Middle East in what seems to be a conscious attempt to shift the balance of power there to the Islamists.

And to understand that in a 2nd-term with no reelection to worry about those actions in the region will be even more pronounced.

And for those who say that he does not have malice towards Israel in his heart and that the damage that has been done in the Middle East by this administration was simply due to ignorance and naivete, can we survive four more years with him at the helm?

Recall some of President Obama's questionable foreign policy moves there.

There's his active role in the removal of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt when the takeover of that government by the Muslim Brotherhood was a fairly obvious endgame. That in fact is what has occurred putting Israel in grave danger from this former less than willing "ally."

There's the date-certain withdrawal of US troops from Iraq with a real risk of that country heading into bloody civil war and becoming fair game for an invasion by Iran.

And speaking of Iran there's this administrations past and current dithering in dealing with that country's nuclear ambitions. An insistence on the reliance for sanctions to do a job that they will not do.

For this discussion the last items are the President's constant leanings to the side of the Palestinian's over the Israeli in that conflict and his call for immediate regime change in Syria which will take that country in the same direction that Egypt has gone.

Once again the question is whether President Obama's policies stem from ignorance, naivete, the need to utter populist rhetoric (particularly in an election year) or is it part of some larger plan he has for the region?

Perhaps the lightbulb has finally gone off!

This survey from Pew is a light at the end of the tunnel that seems to indicate that there is hope and that Jews may be migrating towards the Republican Party!

This certainly would come as good news both personally and for the country.


Selfishly this move away from blind faith would cut down on the weekly fights that I have with liberal Jews in the local watering hole that I frequent. The ones who continue to give Obama a free-pass on his record and who continue to invoke the name George Bush into any discussion.

For the country it could be a great sign for the needed change in November because if this constituency could finally be swayed, there is then hope for all others as well!

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