Monday, February 13, 2012

Must Watch Video: Douglas Murray on Israel and a nuclear Iran!

Eleven minutes that clarifies the problem with Iran, the problem for Israel and the status of a global community that as a group will do nothing of substance to step in and help until the genie is out of the bottle and it is already too late!

Mr. Murray of the Henry Jackson Society speaks in a clear and cogent fashion on the ticking time bomb that is the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis vis a vis Israel, and the fact that the world looks on with seemingly little urgency to try and stop it.

As Europe and the United States do the bare minimum in the diplomatic and economic sanctions arenas, Iran marches on and will soon be, if it isn't already, at the point of a nuclear no return!

Eleven minutes well worth watching

Understanding that the attention span of the average reader is a minute or two, the prospect of watching an eleven minute video may cause some to click away and watch a NewsBusted episode with Jodi Miller instead.

But I can assure you that your attention will be held by both the strength of the argument and method of its delivery.

Interesting phrases that speak to the problem with Iran

These are just some of the phrases from the video that capture the essence of the problem that will face Israel first, and then the citizens of every other country who may choose to live and believe differently than they do in Iran and in other countries like Iran.
  • Judge a country by what they say and by what they do! In Iran, its leaders clearly articulate they desire that Israel be wiped from the pages of history!
  • When someone says that they want to annihilate you ... believe them! (spoken by a holocaust survivor).
  • The question is, would Iran be weaker or stronger with a nuclear bomb?
  • If and when Israel attacks Iran the entire world will condemn her! The U.S., European countries, Saudi Arabia and of course the other countries around the Middle East will all pile on! They will then go back into the privacy of their homes and thank G-d Israel did what it did because no one else would!

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