Sunday, February 26, 2012

Must See Video: This is NOT an Obama-style apology to Hamid Karzai for U.S. soldiers being murdered in Afghanistan!

Quran burning in Afghanistan leads to the deaths of two U.S. soldiers and an apology from Barack Obama!

That's right! For those of you who are unaware of the goings on in Afghanistan due to preoccupation with what to have for dinner, the Academy Awards or maybe the NBA All-Star game here is a brief summary!

Two U.S. soldiers were shot in cold blood and at close range by an Afghan soldier over the inadvertent burning of a Quran, after which President Obama issued an apology to Hamid Karzai. Reread that sentence if you must but the facts won't change!

How could the conversation between the "allies" have gone?

"I'm so sorry Hamid that the U.S. did something that your people believe to be so heinous as to provoke one of your soldiers to kill two of ours?"

It's sounds like a broken record because these types of violent protests have occurred before, but in fact the desecration of ANY religious book, symbol or artifact is wrong regardless of the religion involved!

Coptic Christians in Egypt for example should not have to live under the constant threat of death and destruction of everything that is sacred to their religion. But they do on a daily basis and the situation only gets worse!

The response of the Afghan people is so disproportionate to the act committed in this case that it should serve as a dire warning, and not only in Afghanistan, to the level and magnitude of the fight that the United States and our allies face.

Once again a brief review: Two U.S. soldiers were murdered by an Afghan soldier while two other military advisers were shot in the back of the head and killed over a Quran burning , and President Obama issued an apology to Hamid Karzai.

In addition over 25 Afghans were killed and hundreds injured in violent rioting in Afghanistan and President Obama apologized.

Just when you think that it can't happen again, I am speechless over the actions of this President! The apologist President!

Will Obama be vilified by the mainstream media for what he has done?

Will what he has done in any way impact his reelection bid?

Do those who blindly follow this President understand in any way how he makes this country less safe through most every action he takes and decision that he makes?

Will the Presidents actions give pause to those who continue to dump millions of dollars into his campaign coffers?

No, no, no and no!

While once again I may be speechless,

Fortunately as this video shows, this woman is not!

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