Friday, February 10, 2012

Mike Huckabee this morning at CPAC unwittingly provided the perfect metaphor for the problem with politics!

Mike Huckabee opened the Friday session of CPAC with a statement, intentional or unintentional, that provided a perfect metaphor for the problem with politics during a dangerous time!

Primarily at the podium to speak to the issue of abortion, Mike Huckabee opened with statement that I loosely quote here that in my mind provided a metaphor for one of the problems facing the American people heading into the 2012 presidential election!

The former governor of Arkansas said this:

"The organizers of CPAC might not like me saying this, but I don't care! I'm not running for anything so I can say any darn thing I want."

It was not meant to be anything more than a joke to engage with the crowd, but in those two sentences Huckabee described the innate problem voters have in trying to parse, learn and understand what it is that a candidate stands for.

For isn't the only way to make an informed decision to truly understand what a candidate actually stands for?

We of course know what they say and we know what if anything they have done, but we don't necessarily know the "truth".

Voters are forced to take what is presented as the "truth" at face value or instead try and research this "truth" for themselves. But how many voters actually do that? Instead they rely on other, potentially biased sources, to provide this elusive "truth".

How refreshing if instead of telling us what they think we want to hear, politicians actually told us the what they truly believe?

In a utopian world that would happen, but the last time I checked we don't currently live there and and most likely never will.

Candidates do whatever they need to do to get into office, whatever they need to do to thrive in office and then whatever it takes come the next election cycle to stay in office

When candidates are more chameleon than human, it becomes impossible to know what you have or even what you are voting for until it is a fait accompli. And then it may change all over again depending on circumstances.

Of course you always have their records, although sometimes as in the case of Obama in 2008, that record can be extremely thin and what is there may be a closely guarded secret that's maintained by the mainstream media.

We have the record of Mitt Romney as the governor of Massachusetts who may say one thing but his record says something different.

Today at CPAC we will have speeches by three of the four candidates who will be courting this important conservative vote, telling the masses what they think that they want to hear while some mean it 100% and others maybe not so much.

The 2012 presidential election is too important and the problems that we as a country face too great to simply listen to the words.

Seek to find the truth behind those words!

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