Monday, February 27, 2012

Iran deja-vu ad-nauseam all over again OR "Only her hairdresser knows for sure!"

Iran: Do they or don't they...Will they or won't they?

In other words will Iran develop, manufacture, obtain from some disinterested or possibly interested third party or in some other way get, deploy and potentially use a nuclear weapon(s)?

This seems to be the larger question that's creating an even bigger quandary for world leaders already dealing with a fairly full plate!

On-the-one-hand if they acknowledge the obvious, that Iran is close if not already there in terms of a nuclear capability, it would in effect box them into a corner from which some type of substantive action would need to be taken.

On-the-other-hand these leaders can play dumb and incompetent, a not so difficult task for most. They can publicly operate under the fantasy and fallacy that Iran is farther away from becoming a member of the nuclear club than we have been led to believe, and that the Iranian government can be dissuaded from any move forward through diplomacy and economic sanctions.

An asinine premise both you and I know yet so very politically expedient, a term that's music to the ears of any politician.

The downside to the "three wise monkeys" strategy of global and US national security would of course be the sight of a mushroom cloud, God forbid, peaking up over the horizon. Any any political gain they may have earned through benign neglect would be sucked right out of the window!

For President Obama, particularly in this an election year but realistically at any time, moving against what would be considered as political expedient would be against his religion, whatever that religion might be (political humor as we all know the President is a good Christian).

The end result is that Americans and the rest of the world are being effectively held hostage by domestic and global leaders operating with a much different agenda and idea of national security than we mere mortals do.

In an Angus Reid poll that asked if Iran was developing a nuclear weapon, 79% of Americans said yes, 69% in Britain and 72% in Canada.

The caveat to these results is that we don't possess access to the intelligence that would give us real-time information about what's actually going on in any given region or within any government.

As an example, without covert and overt operatives I was naive enough to believe that the "Arab Spring" in Egypt was simply a charade by the Muslim Brotherhood to assume power, destroy Israel and destabilize a region.

President Obama on the other hand, with his fancy intelligence briefings and agents on the ground, lauded the movement as citizens moving for freedom and democracy.

On second thought, that might not be the best example!

To simply sum up we have two agendas. Unfortunately the one for you and me and the other for the politicians in power, seem often to run counter to each other!

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