Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conservatives dumb, liberals mute?

Both points are part of the absurd premise of an article in The Guardian! I will explain it below and I hope, given my mental limitations, that I do a somewhat capable job!

In order to provide additional clarity for conservatives like Opie, I will try to write slowly so they can follow along!

The Guardian article cites a Canadian study
that purports to have discovered a link existing between lower cognitive abilities and prejudicial attitudes in life.

From The Guardian article, "... Perhaps it is in the same spirit of liberal constipation that, with the exception of Charlie Brooker, we have been too polite to mention the Canadian study published last month in the journal Psychological Science, which revealed that people with conservative beliefs are likely to be of low intelligence. Paradoxically it was the Daily Mail that brought it to the attention of British readers last week. It feels crude, illiberal to point out that the other side is, on average, more stupid than our own. But this, the study suggests, is not unfounded generalisation but empirical fact..."

George Monbiot, the articles author, went on to connect his brand of dots with a thesis that's been interpreted by me utilizing the associative property. Monbiot's point, as far as I can tell, is as follows:

If a=b and b=c then a=c

Replacing the letters with terms, as I understand it Monbiot is attempting to say the following:

If low cognitive abilities=racist tendencies and if conservatives=racists then low cognitive abilities=conservatives

In other words, the authors assertion is that because in his view conservatives are predominantly racists, conservatives are therefore also challenged on a cognitive level (i.e. stupid).

I submit to you, however, that this absurd attempt for linkage of conservatives to prejudice and by extension to low intelligence in effect brands Monbiot with the very prejudice that he erroneously claims is indelibly stamped onto the psyches of those on the right.

I attempt prove this thesis utilizing my own brand of the associative property:

If low cognitive ability=being racist and the author concludes being conservative=being racist and all conservatives being racist=all conservatives having low cognitive ability then this generalization of all conservatives=racists therefore Monbiot=racist therefore Monbiot= low cognitive ability !

In other words you cannot take the entirety of any group and label them one way or the other because in effect that makes you a racist.

The article takes the absurdity one step further asserting that there is a general reticence or unwillingness on the part of liberals to speak their minds and that for this they therefore are not represented at the table for the public discussion of issues.

Further he says, they are afflicted with the disease "liberal constipation". Of all the statements made, this could be the most difficult to comprehend as I have rarely met a liberal unwilling to express their opinions. Often in a crude, rude and unflattering way!


Let me say that judging by the thousands of conservatives I met and listened to at CPAC, and the constant acerbic and vitriolic commentary that I hear out of the mouths of the left, all stated premises in The Guardian article seem to be patently false!

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