Thursday, February 9, 2012

From CPAC, this is what a patriot looks like!

This isn't about policy but the American way of life!

Sitting on Bloggers Row behind the network television commentators I could provide you with the policy discussions that that will be reported in 1,000 different places in a 1,000 different ways.

Instead I want to compare and contrast an article that I wrote yesterday concerning the "gatecrashers" expected at CPAC in the form of the labor unions, OWS D.C., anarchists and the New Black Panther Party with a gentleman I met while I was standing in the wrong line to register this morning.

He was an extremely modest man who told me that he had spent a tour in Iraq detonating IEDs and other bombs that were meant to kill US soldiers along with anyone else who happened to be in their way. Exactly like the soldiers in The Hurt Locker.

Speaking with him he didn't dwell on what he did there, what he accomplished there or what he saw there. He didn't discuss much about the work that he does now as he continues to serve his country at the Department of Homeland Security.

He simply discussed the reason that he was at CPAC. To learn more and to participate in the discussion of how we can keep the United States great and how, in order to achieve this, we can defeat Barack Obama in November.

In other words, he is simply a patriot!

Others are pariahs whose simple goal is to take whatever the United States is willing to give them and to then demand more. An entitlement attitude that's personified by these supposed "gatecrashers."

What the country desperately needs more of are people like the one I was lucky enough to meet by getting into the wrong line! That's what CPAC is all about!

So compare and contrast the man above with the image below and then tell me who the true patriots are. The givers who want to do whatever they can to keep this country great or the takers who just want to be given things by the country through an entitlement philosophy that serves no ones interests.

I believe that the answer to that question is clear.

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