Monday, February 6, 2012

CPAC: Are all thoughts, ideas and opinions created equal?

In the free and fluid exchange of opinions and ideas is there some basis of measurement that makes one man's more valuable than another's?

Heading to #CPAC this week I am looking forward to speaking with, and listening to, some of the best minds in the conservative movement.

As the United States heads into the heart of the 2012 election cycle with a somewhat flawed Republican candidate (regardless whether Romney or Gingrich) who will be up against the Obama machine and its MSM bench coach, we will have our work cut out for us.

This fact alone makes the upcoming CPAC that much more relevant and critical than most because, truth be told, we as a country cannot withstand four more years of an Obama agenda.

"Every man is my teacher in that I may learn from him"

So how can conservatives as a group can leave #CPAC stronger than the way they went in?

Stronger in mind and spirit while refocused on the endgame for November 2012?

Does there exist some line of demarcation based on a real or imaginary metric that somehow determines whether you warrant a seat at THE table for the discussion?

Put another way, if an opportunity exists for all of the conservative bloggers attending CPAC to circulate in a room to enjoy the exchange of ideas, why put some arbitrary limitation on the number that can participate?

Are all bloggers created equal or is a blogger whose blog receives 10, 20 or even 1,000 times more visitors in a day than another that much more qualified to espouse thoughts, opinions or views?

This difference in readership can be based on a number of variables but ideas and opinions are not necessarily going to be in the mix.

In this, my first CPAC I will benefit in an extraordinary way despite the fact that I may not be at THE table, although being there I would have gotten that much more from the experience!

Not from the experience of free food and free drinks because I can get all that I need on my own. But from the exchange of ideas, opinions and even strategies for getting the message of needed change in November out in the best possible way.

And who knows, perhaps one of the "whales" who has a seat at THE table might have gained something from a small fish like me in the same way I know I would from them?

In the end my point is that if we share a common goal and that our only constraints are not the size of the minds, the ideas or the opinions but merely the size of the room, then get a bigger room!

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