Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beware of teenagers bearing computer keyboards!

Round 1 to Anonymous as Dana White of learned the hard way after he crossed the group and had his personal information disclosed online and his website "defaced!"

In light of this, conventional wisdom has said that as we move further into the 21st century cyber-security issues may in fact supersede other types of national security threats.

As a neophyte on technical matters such as the security of computer networks this would appear to be the case, given that what has been reported in the media seems to indicate that even the most sensitive and supposedly most secure systems around the globe may be at risk.

One isolated example of the insecurity of a computer network!

As reported in an article at, the website and Dana White were both hit by a 13-year old Australian because White would not apologize for remarks he made about the group Anonymous in which he called the group "terrorists".

"According to a story released today by, the hacker that shut down and posted Dana White’s purported personal information including his Social Security number, phone numbers and net worth, was a 13-year-old Australian computer whiz who goes by the handle s3rver.exe..." (Read the full article at

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