Saturday, January 7, 2012

You know what an Obamabot looks like?

What's an Obamabot?

There is no official definition, but you know an Obamabot when you see or hear one!

They're the people who still have the Obama/Biden in '08 stickers on the rear bumpers of their cars.

More telling still is that they will already have the sticker below on their car.

When you talk politics with an Obamabot they will back the President with unquestioning zeal and refuse to recognize any of his obvious failings.

Geographically you can find clusters of Obamabots in states like California, Massachusetts, Florida and New York, but they exist everywhere.

Go to Hollywood and you won't be able to reach out without likely touching one.

But what does an Obamabot actually look like? Here it is:

H/T The Looking Spoon

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