Friday, January 27, 2012

Whose side are the MSM RNC debate moderators on?

If the MSM carries the water of the Democrat Party and is the rooting section for the reelection of President Obama to a 2nd term in the White House...

Why in the hell would you line-up an already weak and wounded crop of Republican candidates in front of one of their moderators like doomed men facing a firing squad?

Particularly because we know that like everything else in politics and society today, decorum and respect is largely a thing of the past.

Add to the mix that many if not most of the MSM moderators have private (or not-so private) political agendas consistent with the outlets they work.

Giving them the opportunity to ask debate questions that they select is providing them the opportunity to attempt to shape public opinion and is a recipe for potential disaster.

Which they will gladly do!

Is there any better way to make the current already weak crop of Republican candidates look like non-presidential buffoons than to smugly open a debate with a question that forces them to look like little children fighting with each other or that forces one of them to respond to the debate moderator regarding the stupidity and irrelevance of some question.

That will play well once, maybe twice but will soon get very old.

All while President Obama sits on the sidelines with at least the appearance of being presidential.

Of the 20-odd RNC debates that have either taken place or are scheduled it appears that well over half are being sponsored and moderated by MSM outlets that have historically been loyal to the Democrat Party.

This includes CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC.

My question to the RNC is why you would allow the "enemy" to have this outsized opportunity to affect the election in November in the first place? And now it is too late to do anything about it!

File this under fool me once shame on you but fool me ___ times and there may be something wrong with the leadership of the RNC!

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  1. The debate moderators did not create these rediculous candidates. They only provide a venue for republicans to demonstrate to the world how horribly the GOP has deteriorated in recent years and showcase the imbeciles that have replaced honorable statesmen and dominate the party since the beginning of the century. Blaming the messenger for delivering a pathetic message is exactly what is wrong with the GOP today. We already know the problems. We were hoping one of these candidates might have a solution. So far the solutions seems to be, hire a moral degenerate to lead us in our fight against immorality or hire a vulture capitalist, crony capitalist who helped cause the economy to implode to lead us to prosperity. Explain to me again how liberal debate moderators did this to the republican party or the American people.

    1. By asking pointedly "gotcha" questions that if you recall were NEVER asked to Barack Obama!

      Do you recall any opening questions to Obama that went something like "You have a long and close relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who is an avowed hater of both white people and Jews of every color. How is the American public to believe that you knew nothing about this including the award that Rev. Wright gave to Louis Farakhan?"

      He got a pass from the MSM the entire way.

    2. "Mr. Obama, would you like to take a brief moment to address the allegations made by Larry Sinclair that you and he snorted lines of cocaine in a limo while he fellated you?"

      "Mr. Obama, let's talk about how you shut down drilling in the Gulf. How many billions of dollars did your friend's company NALCO make selling oil dispersant to the government? You said you wanted to shut down drilling because it was bad for the environment... then you gave Brazil's Petrobas oil company billions of our taxpayer dollars to DRILL IN THE GULF, and at depths twice that of Deepwater Horizon. Also, Mr. Obama, SOME SAY that multibillionaire George Soros, who owns a large stake in Petrobas stock, is your puppetmaster and thus influenced this decision?"

      "....Frank Marshall Davis...Ayers...Dohrn...Cloward...Piven..."

      I could go on for days regarding the complete malfeasance of our Neo-PRAVDA.

  2. When people refer to the Republican candidates as bafoons with the way they give their answers, I would like to point out they are doing this without knowing what the questions are going to be ahead of time & the do it WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER!!! Have you heard Obama speak w/o a teleprompter. He basically stutters.