Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What if you faced your own mortality ... everyday? (Video)

Then essentially you would be a soldier in a forward position, or really anywhere, in Afghanistan!

Imagine waking up everyday knowing that it has the potential to be your last. That you may have seen, written or spoken to your parents, friends, wife, girlfriend, etc. for the very last time.

Unimaginable right? That's because in the morning when most of us are waking up in a heated house in a comfortable bed our major decision will be whether to have cereal or an egg white omelet before heading off to the gym, school, work or some other relatively safe environment.

But for a soldier in a war zone death (or a life altering injury) is a reality that they live with every day.

Now some will say that they knew what they were getting into when they volunteered to join, but that is an irrelevant argument.

What is relevant is the impact on the psyche not only from those initial morning thoughts but from living these thoughts of potential demise 24/7.

And added to the mix are the horrors of war that these young men and women see, sometimes on a daily basis and sometimes to close friends that need to somehow be processed.

But in truth some of these visions are likely unprocessable!

Not an excuse for urinating on dead Taliban, but an explanation for why it might happen!

This is not meant to provide an excuse to those soldiers who urinated on dead Taliban because it was inexcusable.

And moreover they will face the consequences for their actions, one more thing that many Americans are not required to do.

It does remind me of an old saying though that goes like this: "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes!"

Could anything be more true?

Video of a firefight in Afghanistan!

H/T Theo Spark
Photo credit: AP

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