Friday, January 6, 2012

The Watcher's Council is proud to present this weeks winners!

The holiday's are over and New Year's has come and gone!

But there remains constant that you can count on all year!

The nominations at the Watcher's Council were presented, the votes were cast, and the winners will now be announced!

For those of you who who may be reading about the Watcher's Council for the first time, it is a group consisting of some of the top conservative minded bloggers from around the world.

A group that The Political Commentator is extremely proud to have been asked to be part of!

Every week members select and submit one of their own articles in addition to one article from a non-council blog.

While you may not always agree with what you read, that fact makes the experience that much more valuable!

In a secret ballot we then individually vote for our favorites with those votes protected by an outside auditing firm until such time as they are counted and a winner named for the Grand Prize.

This Grand Prize consists of the appreciation of our peers.

In the end though, we all win because of the range of information and important analysis received on the critical issues of the day.

In a nutshell, the Watcher's Council is the ultimate conservative blog aggregator!

So without further ado, the winners of this weeks Watcher's Council are...?

Council Winners

*First place with 3 votes! The Noisy Room – 2011 – Turning Our Backs on the Gods of the Copybook Headings

Second place *t* with 2 1/3 votes – Joshuapundit- A Bridge Too Far: CAIR Versus Bare Naked Islam

Third place *t* with 1 1/3 votes – Right TruthTaliban to Gitmo: Bye-Bye!

Third place *t* with 1 1/3 votes – New Zeal-Communist Party Targets Veterans for Recruitment: How Will Their Skills be Used?

Fourth place *t* with 1 vote – Bookworm Room-A tour de force post taking us from Google interviews, to self-esteem, to dancing men

Fourth place *t* with 1 vote – The Razor-Israelis Stand Up to the Haredi

Fourth place *t* with 1 vote – Rhymes With Right-Where Non-Discrimination Principles And Aiding Students Conflict

Fourth place *t* with 1 vote – The Mellow Jihadi-I Gotta Move to Texas

Fifth place with 2/3 vote – Simply Jews – Hugo Chavez Reflects

Sixth place *t* with 1/3 vote – The Colossus of Rhodey – Civilization Continues to Crumble

Sixth place *t* with 1/3 vote – VA Right! – Why the Iowa Caucus Is (Almost!) Irrelevant

Non-Council Winners

First place with 3 2/3 votes! – Sultan Knish- The Year We Lost Afghanistan, Etc. submitted by The Political Commentator

Second place *t* with 2 votes – Gates Of Vienna – Driving Out The Infidel submitted by Joshuapundit

Second place *t* with 2 votes – Jon’s Deep ThoughtsMilitary Intelligence is an oxymoron? I think not. submitted by Bookworm Room

Third place with 1 2/3 votes - Small Wars Journal – Thinking the Unthinkable about Napalm and Flamethrowers submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

Fourth place with 1 1/3 votes -Daily Mail/Dominic Sandbrook –The spectre of 1932: How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory submitted by The Noisy Room

Fifth place *t* with 1 vote - Confessions of a Closet Republican – <After Christmas Day Bombings Boko Haram Tells Nigerian Christians They Have 3 Days To Get Out submitted by Simply Jews

Fifth place *t* with 1 vote -Alex Knapp/Outside The Beltway – Ron Paul Versus The Fourteenth Amendmentsubmitted by The Glittering Eye

Sixth place with 2/3 vote -Wolf Howling –Obama Signs On To Silencing Criticism Of Islam submitted by Rhymes With Right

Seventh place *t* with 1/3 vote -National Review Online –Repo Men submitted by The Razor

Seventh place *t* with 1/3 vote -Powerline –Keynes Was Right–About the Jews? submitted by The Watcher

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