Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two political pictures are worth 20,000 bad political words! (actual word count is much less)

Heading into today's Florida Primary, the picture below depicts President Obama reflecting on his potential opponents in the 2012 presidential election!

And, for all of you political scientists out there, this is a perfect although not very timely lesson in what two somewhat flawed candidates should not be doing!

In what can only be described as a disgusting display of me-first politics, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are seeking to destroy each other both from a personal and political perspective in order to win the nomination.

While winning this nomination may serve to feed one of their ego's and agenda's while hurting the others, in effect what they are actually doing is their level best to hand Barack Obama a second term in the White House.

As Obama sits back doing his best impersonation of looking presidential, Gingrich and Romney present themselves to the nation as the equivalent of two teenagers running for president of their high school class.

Rather than attacking an extremely vulnerable incumbent, they instead viciously attack each other while at the same time providing the Obama campaign with reams of quotes for the general election.

Once a nominee is selected, how can the other ever be a credible supporter of the winner?

Therefore, here's a crazy thought!

Instead of putting personal ambitions first, why not instead have Romney and Gingrich put country first and do what needs to be done to take back the White House in November!

Two political pictures, 20,000 political words!

Obama photo credit: AP

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