Friday, January 27, 2012

TGIF: The Frequent Flier Edition!

Today's libation comes straight from the 2012 presidential campaign of President Obama, now in full swing!

On Tuesday night the President gave a campaign speech to the country that went by some other very official sounding name. I believe he and the pundits in the press and on T.V. used the name State of the Union Address.

In it he told the country all kinds of interesting things, a great many untrue or that stretched the truth, and he made all kinds of great promises.

Promises that caused some of us wonder why he would be able to accomplish them in a second term when he failed so miserably at them in the 3+ years he's already been in office.

As an example he spun some great yarns about the need energy independence when ironically just days before he had killed the Keystone Pipeline. This project would have gone a long way towards accomplishing that independence along with the added kicker of creating lots and lots of jobs.

I believe that's called poetic license.

On the road again!

The morning after the SOTU the President took off on a 5-state campaign swing that in some way is supposed to pass as "official business" but that in reality is a very expensive, taxpayer funded junket.

The President's schedule!

The President left the White House Wednesday morning hitting Iowa and Arizona before spending the night in Nevada.

Bright and early Thursday he attended to some "official business" in Nevada before heading off to a day of some additional "official business" in Michigan where he would be spending the night.

The drink of choice chosen for a long and hard presidential week of travel and "official business" for the people of the country!

With a schedule like this there could be only one logical choice to present to President Obama as the "official business" cocktail of the week.

The TGIF beverage ... the One Night Stand!

5 ounces of Remy Martin Cognac
3.5 ounces of Mountain dew
3.5 ounces orange juice

Shake well and serve in a highball glass. (Source)

Prior TGIF honored politicians!

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Enjoy, and next week don't work so hard!

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